• Mischel Satunas

May I have this Dance?

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to dance. I remember dancing as a child in my Grandmother's Kitchen! We danced to the songs of the 60's!

My teenage Aunt loved the Beetles & Elvis Presley, she played them often.

This was when the the tradition of Kitchen Dancing began for me!

My Grandma, Aunts and my little sister would dance while cooking, baking or cleaning up after dinner. My Aunt would put me on her hip and sway me back and forth! She would pretend to dip me and then twirl me around. I am smiling ear to ear right now, in remembrance of that special time in my life.

Kitchen dancing continued as I grew older when became a teen myself! I danced to the songs of the 70's .. Elton John, Paul McCartney & Wings, Donna Summer, The Jackson 5, KISS, Anything DISCO, The Doobie Brothers and The Bee Gee's!

I remember those songs and dancing with my sister perfecting our dance moves like we were one of Denny Tarrio's SOLID GOLD Dancers!!! ( Now, I am actually laughing out loud! )

Over the years I always played music when I was busy in the kitchen. It is still one of my favorite things to do! Bake/Cook & Dance, Simultaneously!

My favorite go to music these days is, the music of the 80's & 90's ! Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, BonJovi, George Michael, The Police, Phil Collins! Although, Baking with John Mayer has turned into quite a love affair for me lately!

I am still perfecting my dance moves and my cooking skills in the kitchen, only now instead of Grandma's old Victola's with my Amazon Echo named Alexa.

I have been blessed to be able pass the tradition of KITCHEN DANCING to my daughter and also now my grandchildren.

If I am having a tough day or if the weather is bad, I am happy to whip up a batch of cookies and tell Alexa, to "PLAY ME a SONG". What a great combo! Dancing, Music and FOOD! How can you go wrong?

I find myself Dancing more often over time. Sometimes... out of the kitchen, while pumping my gas, food shopping at Wegmans, waiting in line at UPS, or simply in my PJ's in my bedroom in the morning while watching Good Morning America.

The latest studies show that Dancing is good for your HEALTH. I would have to agree. It always makes me feel better, and it's great exercise for the mind, body and especially to lift your spirits! So, get your groove on and BUST A MOVE! You will be so glad you did! Happy Dancing Friends! :)

Love & Light,

Mischel xox


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